Dealing With Sagging Glutes?

Glutes can be a problem area for many people. That is especially true if you are trying to tighten and tone your glute muscles, but are not having much luck. Sometimes, it can seem no matter how much you exercise your glute muscles, your glutes just will not firm up.

Thankfully, CoolSculpting® ELITE can help to contour your body in a way that makes your glutes look better than ever. That is especially true when it comes to utilizing CoolSculpting®’s new CoolTone® process, which is specifically designed to target the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

If you are tired of spending countless hours in the gym without seeing results, it may be time to try something different to tighten your glutes with the help of NovaSculpting, DC, and San Francisco’s leading CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone® provider.

What are Your Glutes?

Simply put, the glutes are often referred to as the buttocks, or “butt”. Needless to say, everyone wants firm glute muscles!

Most people are able to obtain firmer glute muscles through exercises like squats. They will also naturally firm up by losing weight and toning. But, if your glutes are sagging or you cannot seem to lose that last bit of fat, it can be extremely frustrating to deal with. That is especially true if you want your body to have a specific shape or contour. Luckily, NovaSculpting® can assist you with your concerns.


What Treatment Options Are Available for Shaping Your Glutes?

It is important to note that traditional CoolSculpting® ELITE is not meant to be used directly on the glutes. However, it can be used on the hips, flanks, and back. These are typically very stubborn areas for fat loss. Using CoolSculpting® ELITE can help to better shape your silhouette and give you the look and feel of firmer glute muscles.

CoolSculpting®’s new CoolTone®, however, can be used to tone and tighten the glutes, as well as your abdomen and thighs. In fact, it is specifically designed for these areas to help you deal with any trouble spots that will not seem to go away with diet and exercise.

CoolTone® uses magnetic muscle stimulation to cause involuntary contractions within the glutes. These contractions feel like mild, non-painful muscle spasms, and they are working the glute muscles over and over again in order for them to become tighter and firmer, so you receive the results you have always wanted. One of NovaSculpting’s CoolSculpting® ELITE experts will work with you to ensure you receive the right treatment.

Consultations Available Now

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What Results Will I See With CoolTone®?*

CoolSculpting®’s CoolTone® is designed to strengthen, firm, and tone the glutes and thighs. This will give you a “tighter” appearance whether you are wearing your favorite pair of jeans or a bikini on the beach.

Your glutes will appear more lifted and will not “jiggle” when you move. Because your muscles will be more toned, you will leave NovaSculpting’s Arlington center having an overall leaner appearance and a more shapely silhouette.

Is There Any Downtime With CoolTone®?*

There is virtually no downtime when using CoolTone® for your glutes. Some participants may experience temporary muscle pain or tenderness, or redness around the treatment site after leaving NovaSculpting® following their treatment. These minor side effects should not cause any problems or affect your daily activities.


Take the Next Step

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