Say Goodbye To Stubborn Belly Fat

If you are frustrated at being able to lose stubborn belly fat, you are not alone. It is one of the most common conditions affecting the lives of men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Thankfully, help is available courtesy of our NovaSculpting®’s CoolSculpting®experts.

What is Abdomen Fat?

Abdomen fat, belly fat, or whatever you want to call the stubborn fat accumulation around your midriff is quite simply the fat around your stomach. We are all prone to experiencing this problem, even when following the right nutrition plans and completing various stomach-focused exercises. The reality is that this is the area where bodies biologically store fat cells for energy in times of famine.

Nonetheless, belly fat can severely harm your appearance and confidence levels. Its influence on appearances, along with the frequency of the issue, make it one of the most common anatomical target areas for body contouring and treatments.


What Treatment Options are Available for Abdomen Fat?

Belly fat is one of the most stubborn types of body fat because the fat cells are very resistant to burning. Therefore, cellular death caused by freezing is the ideal way to remove fat from the abdomen in a safe, effective, and natural way. The idea is that cells are killed by extreme temperatures before naturally leaving the body over the next few weeks.

The best solution is NovaSculpting®’s CoolSculpting® body contouring. The cooling agents freeze fat cells to deliver a natural approach to fat reduction while the process is convenient, noninvasive, and capable of targeting specific body parts with immense accuracy. The FDA-approved treatment has become an increasingly popular solution for stubborn body fat and NovasSculpting®’s CoolSculpting® experts complete the entire process in style.

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*Individual Results May Vary

CoolSculpting® is the market leader in body contouring, targeting exercise-resistant fat that diet and exercise can’t. Our CoolSculpting® results speak for themselves. You can see the differences, again and again, in these Before & After photos.

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If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of NovaSculpting® ‘s CoolSculpting® experts, please fill out the form below or call our Arlington, VA, office directly at (703) 348-2243. NovaSculpting® is the Washington, DC, metro’s premier CoolSculpting® practice and serves patients in Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Bethesda and the surrounding area.®


What results will I see?

CoolSculpting® body contouring can reduce around 25% of the stubborn belly fat cells. Once frozen and reduced, the body naturally removes them to give you a more streamlined physique in the stomach area. The best results will be seen after around 2-3 months but fat can continue to leave the body for up to six months.

The results are permanent in the sense that the fat cells cannot return. However, CoolSculpting® for belly fat is designed to give you a boost while simultaneously providing the platform to build upon. If you do not follow the treatment with healthy habits, new fat will soon accumulate around the stomach.

Our NovaSculpting® CoolSculpting® experts can discuss all aspects from expectations to how many sessions you may need to achieve the desired results.

Is There Any Downtime?*

One of the most attractive features of NovaSculpting®’s state-of-the-art CoolSculpting® body contouring treatments is that they require no downtime. You can get back to your daily life immediately after leaving the Arlington, VA center while the fact that treatments are completed in just 1-2 sessions translates to minimal impact on your life.

When coupled with the fact that body contouring through CoolSculpting®technologies results in very little pain or discomfort, the experts at NovaSculpting®know it is the best way to target belly fat.


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*Individual Results May Vary


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