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When Should I Start Working on My Summer Body?

Everyone has their own definition of what their “summer body” looks like. It is how we talk about specific physical goals we have for swimsuit season. You may want to look a particular way and have the confidence to stroll across a beach during the summer. In essence, you have an image in your head of what your summer body will be, and you are determined to get there. NovaSculpting® can help with CoolSculpting®!

What are Your Personal Goals?

Deciding when to start working on your summer body is all about understanding your personal goals. Do you want to lose stubborn excess fat? Or, are you happy enough with your fat loss and instead want to tone up? Are you very close to your goals and only need a tiny bit of help to get over the finish line? 

No matter your personal goals, NovaSculpting® can help you reach them, including sculpting the bikini body you desire!

CoolSculpting® for Fat Reduction

NovaSculpting®’s CoolSculpting® experts can help you remove extra body fat by using fat-freezing technology. CoolSculpting® applies controlled cooling to the treatment area, targeting the fat cells beneath your skin. This procedure relies on the science of cryolipolysis to reduce fat in targeted areas. The fat cells freeze, slowly breaking down over time, and flushing away naturally through the lymphatic system. As a result, you are left with less fat and a smooth, sleek profile perfect for swimsuit season.

At NovaSculpting, we offer special CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® packages.

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is not a weight-loss treatment. Ideal candidates are typically within 30 pounds of their weight goals. Because CoolSculpting® does not rely on laser energy, most individuals are well suited for this treatment. A comprehensive consultation with NovaSculpting® is the best way to determine your candidacy for CoolSculpting® and set up a customized treatment plan. 

CoolTone® for Muscle Sculpting

Unlike its fat-freezing counterpart, CoolTone® is designed to improve muscle tone and definition. CoolTone® uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology, which builds muscle fibers through supramaximal muscle contractions. These muscle contractions are much stronger than voluntary contractions achieved during strength training. Your muscles will be better defined, stronger, and firmer than ever before! 

CoolTone® is FDA-cleared to strengthen and tone muscles in the abs, buttocks, and thighs.


Consultations Available Now

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of NovaSculpting®’s CoolSculpting® experts, please fill out the form below or call our Arlington, VA, office directly at (703) 348-2243. NovaSculpting® is the Washington, DC, metro’s premier CoolSculpting® practice and serves patients in Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Bethesda and the surrounding area.

Am I a Candidate for CoolTone®?

NovaSculpting® recommends this treatment for healthy men and women seeking to firm their muscles and add definition to the abs, legs, and buttocks. It is similar to an incredibly intense workout, so there is virtually no risk to achieve the rewards.

Benefits of CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® Treatments

Both of these treatments use scientifically-proven techniques to deliver results. They focus on triggering natural responses in your body that will help you either lose fat or tone muscles. You see results that will be long-lasting. Both treatments are also non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning you have no downtime to worry about! 

Most Candidates for CoolSculpting® are Also Candidates for CoolTone®

Another benefit of these treatments is that they are suitable for the same type of candidate. The ideal candidate will be within 30 pounds of their target weight and are interested in losing fat and toning muscle. Therefore, you can benefit from both fat reduction and muscle toning treatments. 

How Long Will My Summer Body Last?

CoolSculpting® removes fat cells from your body, so the only way for it to return is if you gain weight and expand your remaining fat cells. CoolTone® encourages your muscles to strengthen and tone up, which will only change if you do not keep exercising. 

Before & After Photo Gallery

*Individual Results May Vary

CoolSculpting® is the market leader in body contouring, targeting exercise-resistant fat that diet and exercise can’t. Our CoolSculpting® results speak for themselves. You can see the differences, again and again, in these Before & After photos.

Take the Next Step

Ready to learn more about CoolSculpting® and/or CoolTone®? Call us at (703) 348-2243 or fill out the consultation form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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