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What is Body Contouring?

When most people think of body contouring, they think of exercise, diet, or even liposuction. But now, there are non-invasive aesthetic procedures that can help you remove unwanted fat and shape your muscles in a more targeted way without undergoing surgery. At NovaSculpting®, our experts can help you get the physique you have always wanted in two ways: CoolSculpting® Eliteand CoolTone®.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

NovaSculpting® can tackle your body contouring goals in two ways: removing unwanted fat and giving muscles greater definition and tone.

At NovaSculpting, we offer special CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® packages.

CoolSculpting® Elite

The first method uses CoolSculpting® Elite, a revolutionary cryolipolysis system that freezes unwanted fat while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. Fat cells freeze at 53° F, a higher temperature than what affects skin and muscle cells. Precision cooling disrupts fat cell membranes until they are no longer functional.

The lymphatic system finds and removes these fat cells through the body’s natural waste removal process. CoolSculpting® Elite is clinically proven to reduce unwanted fat by up to 25% in a single session. Additionally, with the CoolMini® applicators, you can get body contouring treatments even in hard-to-reach areas, like your submental fat, which is more widely known as your double chin.

CoolSculpting® Elite is FDA-cleared to treat the following areas:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Beneath the buttocks (banana roll)
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Chest
  • Double chin 


CoolTone® uses Active Magnetic Pulse™ technology to go deeper into the muscle fibers than any workout at the gym can achieve. These electromagnetic pulses create supramaximal muscle contractions, which are more intense than the voluntary muscle contractions of weight lifting and exercise. 

The AMP™ patterns improve strength, increase muscle fibers, and build firm, defined muscles in the abs, buttocks, and thighs. Each appointment lasts around 40 minutes, about the length of a solid workout, and will improve your strength and stamina. You will notice improved muscle control and strength to make your regular workouts more effective. It is body contouring at its finest. 


Consultations Available Now

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of NovaSculpting®’s CoolSculpting® experts, please fill out the form below or call our Arlington, VA, office directly at (703) 348-2243. NovaSculpting® is the Washington, DC, metro’s premier CoolSculpting® practice and serves patients in Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Bethesda and the surrounding area.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss solution, so the best candidates are within 30 pounds of their target weight. CoolTone® uses electromagnetic stimulation, which can interfere with the operation of certain medical devices, like pacemakers or medical-grade hardware in the body. The most satisfied patients have realistic expectations for what body contouring at NovaSculpting® can do for them. Any questions you may have will be answered during your comprehensive consultation with a NovaSculpting® expert.

What Are Body Contouring Treatments Like?

At the beginning of your CoolSculpting® session, you may feel intense cold where the applicators have been attached to your treatment area. This sensation is quickly diminished as numbness takes hold, and the remainder of your appointment—around an hour depending on your treatment plan—will be comfortable and private in the NovaSculpting® treatment rooms. With CoolTone®, you will feel powerful muscle contractions, and afterward, muscle fatigue similar to a concentrated workout is normal. Neither treatment is painful, and you will be free to return to your active schedule right away.

What Results Can I Expect?

If you have had cryolipolysis, you may see results from CoolSculpting® as early as 3 weeks, but most patients typically see results between 12-16 weeks after treatment begins. Many NovaSculpting® clients are pleased with their body contouring outcomes after one treatment, but many opt for 2-3 more sessions. These improvements will continue for up to 6 months.

CoolTone® treatments are typically scheduled every 3-4 days for a total of 4 sessions to achieve maximum muscle definition and tone. You should see noticeable improvement around 2 weeks following your last CoolTone® appointment. Many NovaSculpting® clients prolong their results with additional treatments every 3-6 months. Your muscles will be more defined, stronger, and your stamina will be even better.

If you are looking for a slimmer, more defined, and toned body, call NovaSculpting® today for more information.

Before & After Photo Gallery

*Individual Results May Vary

CoolSculpting® is the market leader in body contouring, targeting exercise-resistant fat that diet and exercise can’t. Our CoolSculpting® results speak for themselves. You can see the differences, again and again, in these Before & After photos.

Take the Next Step

Ready to learn more about body contouring? Call NovaSculpting® at (703) 348-2243 or fill out the consultation form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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