Serving Washington DC and San Francisco, NovaSculpting® is among the top 5 leading CoolSculpting® providers and the #1 CoolSculpting® provider for men in the United States.

Since 2014, NovaSculpting® has been consistently ranked by Allergan (manufacturer of CoolSculpting®, CoolSculpting® ELITE, and CoolTone®) as one of the largest certified practices in the US. Currently, NovaSculpting® is the 9th largest Coolsculpting ELITE provider in the country, #1 for men in the nation, 2nd largest in San Francisco, and the leading provider in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We are true CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone® experts offering the best body sculpting results.

NovaSculpting® Awards & Recognition

NovaSculpting® is pleased to have received the following awards and recognition over the years.

The NovaSculpting® Difference

We know you can choose from many CoolSculpting® ELITE providers.

So why choose NovaSculpting®?

  • NovaSculpting® is totally dedicated to CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone®. We are experts and want to ensure you get the best results.
  • NovaSculpting® achieves optimum results based on performing over 10,000 patient treatments.
  • NovaSculpting® consistently receives outstanding client reviews.
  • NovaSculpting® has the latest CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone® technology for getting the best results.
  • NovaSculpting® uses multiple CoolSculpting® ELITE devices which allow for DualSculpting, Tri-sculpting, and Quad-sculpting.
  • NovaSculpting® offers thousands of Before & After photos of OUR OWN client results.

All NovaSculpting®  staff are CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone® certified.

Our Technical Expertise

At NovaSculpting®, we are results-oriented. We use CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone® to target fat and sculpt the body without the risk of surgery and at affordable prices. With the latest CoolSculpting® ELITE and CoolTone® technologies, NovaSculpting® can offer fantastic body sculpting results. We are the preferred CoolSculpting® ELITE experts in Arlington, VA and San Francisco, CA, and are ranked among the largest CoolSculpting® practices in the nation.

CoolSculpting® Is Now Even Better With CoolSculpting® Elite

Now you can freeze two times the stubborn fat with dual applicators.

CoolSculpting ELITE offers added benefits:

  • Eliminate up to 20-25% of fat cells
  • FDA-cleared, noninvasive body contouring technology
  • Can target stubborn fat in 9 different areas
  • Save time with the dual applicators
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